Length: 5’9″ | Width: 19 3/8 | Thickness: 2 3/8 | Volume: 27.9 litre
Tail: Swallow | Fin Setup: FCS 5 Fin
Brand: Channel Islands by Al Merrick The New Flyer
Designed for knee waist to head high and excels in tight or tricky conditions.
Ride The New Flyer (NF) 2”-4” shorter than your height.
Price: $900


In 1999, Al Merrick designed the Flyer, revolutionizing high performance surfing in small waves. For 2013 Channel Islands has modernized the Flyer into a shorter and wider package. This new plan-shape allows for the same volume in a shorter rail line. We kept the forgiving 2-stage rocker and added spiral vee starting in front of the fins to allow for rail-to-rail quickness. The signature Merrick hip provides a pivot point for tight arcs.

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