Length: 6’2″ | Width: 19 7/8 | Thickness: 2 7/16 | Volume: 31.3 litre
Tail: Round | Fin Setup: FCS 2 system in a 5 Fin
Brand: Simon Anderson Face Dancer
Wave Height: 1 to 5 feet
Ability Level: Intermediate to expert
Price: $850


A 5 option all round small wave board for 1 to 5 feet. Face Dancer has single concave to vee at the Roundtail, the vee helps as a quad but compliments the board also as a Thruster, creating smooth arcs in extended turns. The single concave and slightly wider shorter configuration means FD is super lively with good control. The quad fin placement in a bit from the rail, allows you to surf high and tight on the face in the barrel. It will hold nicely on the steep take off and release quickly to the high line under the lip if you are lucky enough to find waves like that, and in regular waves it can give you that quad feel through the turns on the wave face when you want a change of pace. Otherwise just surf it as a Thruster and it won’t let you down.

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