Length: 5’8″ | Width: 19 1/2 | Thickness: 2 5/16 | Volume: 27.6 litre
Tail: Swallow Tail | Fin Setup: FCS 2 system in a 5 Fin
Brand: Simon Anderson Spud Nick
Wave Height: 1 to 5 feet
Ability Level: Intermediate to expert
Price: $850


Quad and Thruster option swallow tail fish board for waves up to 4 feet. Spudnick has deep single concave with vee at the swallow last 4″ to help quad and Thruster transition rail to rail, also slightly flatter style tail rocker working in with the vee to achieve speed in the flat as well as short arc turns in the pocket. Featuring the modern quad fin placement on a short board to hold in well and deliver lightning speed out of the top when hitting the lip. The rails are 80′s inspired low with a flatter deck but feel nice in the hand. The flat deck feels good to paddle around and stand on. Area but pointy style nose to help with speed in slower waves on the front foot and maintain performance when the waves are rip-able. Spudnick can surf up a little, particularly as a Thruster.

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